This strategy of wholesaling is one of the easiest ways to get into real estate and to start stacking cold hard cash in your bank account!

Very little overhead, you do not need hundreds of thousands of dollars to wholesale real estate, you do not need to buy properties, you do not need to be 50 years old, you do not need to manage and fire contractors (nightmare) and most importantly, you can get started right now!

This course shows you;

  • What wholesaling is
  • How to get into it
  • Who to market to
  • How to evaluate the property and come up with your offers
  • Deal analyzer spreadsheets
  • Repair Estimator spreadsheets
  • Shows you websites to come up with ARVs
  • Sales scripts to talk with sellers
  • Popular seller rebuttals
  • How to find your end buyer
  • Plus much much more
  • And most importantly... HOW TO GET YOU PAID!!!

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Two Students

Students inside of the private facebook group celebrating making $100,000+ 🔥

Darius and Clay

Darius and Clay were 18 when they started working with me. They set a goal to make $100,000+ in a 7 month period and they killed it 💎


Travis started working with me and flipped his first house and made $25,000+ and had $100,000+ in the pipeline in the first few months working with me! 🤯

Austin Rutherford

Austin is a full time entrepreneur and business owner. Austin successfully built his real estate business from zero to a 7 figure investment company in less than 5 years.

Austin has has done hundreds of real estate deals including flipping houses, building new construction houses, buying apartment buildings and single family houses as rentals ALL using other people's money.

Austin's passion is helping other aspiring entrepreneurs and real estate investors thru coaching and mentorship.

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