I have used these EXACT strategies to flip hundreds of houses and make millions of dollars. How to flip houses and find hire and manage contractors to maximize profits on all of your deals. Instead of wholesaling for $10,000 you can flip it and make $40,000

What is included in this program?

  • How to estimate rehab budgets
  • How to evaluate deals to make sure you don't lost money on your flip
  • How to find, hire, manage, and fire contractors
  • ALL contractor docs
  • Independent contractor agreement
  • Draw schedule
  • Scope of work
  • W9
  • Lien release
  • What materials to use and pricing
  • How to get projects completed, listed, and sold
  • And how you get PAID
  • And much much more

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After working with us he was able to flip his first house and make $67,000 🤯🤯

After working with us he was able to purchase his first house to flip!

After working with us he flipped his first condo and made $25,000+ and also has multiple deals in the pipeline which could net profit over $100,000 💪🏽

Austin Rutherford

Austin is a full time entrepreneur and business owner. Austin successfully built his real estate business from zero to a 7 figure investment company in less than 5 years.

Austin has has done hundreds of real estate deals including flipping houses, building new construction houses, buying apartment buildings and single family houses as rentals ALL using other people's money.

Austin's passion is helping other aspiring entrepreneurs and real estate investors thru coaching and mentorship.

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